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Original Illustration Art circa 1890-1970

About The Illustrated Gallery

The Why

The illustrated gallery did not start from the desire to create a commercial venture. Instead, it developed organically as a natural outgrowth of one man’s love and devotion to the art, and a private collection that, quite simply, got out of hand.

When all of the residence walls were completely covered to the ceiling, with paintings in rows vertically as well as horizontal, it was evident something had to be done. There just was no more room for newly acquired works and yet, the joy collecting this art brought the collector was not to be denied. The time had come to seriously review the situation and determine a new route for the passion to continue to express itself.

It made sense that the best way to continue to satisfy this desire and evoke even more joy was to spread the happiness around by transforming this now 300+ private collection into a public offering thereby sharing it with a larger audience. It is from that motivation and intent that the illustrated gallery was created May 1998.

Things moved along when the passionate collector, Jordan Berman, turned to his granddaughter Holly and asked her to become his partner in this venture. Together they opened a downtown Philadelphia gallery in addition to a Fort Washington location. In November 2011, Holly googled ‘Norman Rockwell dealers’ and Ingrid Bond, of Bond Fine Art came up. Contacting Ingrid she introducing herself, the gallery, and the by then, 1,000+ piece collection, letting her know that it included several Norman Rockwell paintings — Ingrid’s specialty. Through that connection paintings were sold, a relationship forged, and an alliance made. In 2012 Ingrid joined the illustrated gallery bringing her expertise and focus to the marketing and commercial sales aspects of the operation.

The Who

Holly Berman, President

Perhaps genetically, through the Berman ancestry, and certainly experientially imprinted through earliest childhood memories – with the wall-to-wall influence of growing up in her beloved grandparent’s home – this artwork has been and continues to be a natural part of Holly’s every day life.

She fondly speaks of her memories playing with her many cousins in their house and her favorite painting, a Good Housekeeping illustration by Tom Lovell that holds the place of honor above the fireplace mantle. It’s a wintery twilight neighborhood scene of three happy young adults arm in arm, two navy men with a woman in pink in-between, walking briskly away from a house. Engaging in animated conversation with looks of joyful anticipation they step away from the porch and into the frosty evening air perhaps not even noticing the coldness. A Christmas tree presides prominently over the snowy scene from the house’s picture window.

Holly idolized her grandfather as a loving granddaughter can and watched the collection as it grew. So it comes as no surprise that she shares his love and natural inclination for illustration art. Through her college experience and several years of internships in New York galleries Holly’s innate appreciation was groomed and developed into the business acumen that oversees and manages private sales and day to day operations.

If you are a private collector with questions about the collection, or a giclee print, Holly would be happy to speak with you and can be reached at 267-992-7166 or holly@illustratedgallery.com


Jordan & Holly Berman at the Palm Beach Art Show 2015

Jordan & Holly Berman at the Palm Beach Art Show 2015

Holly and Jordan Berman at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show in 2013

Holly and Jordan Berman at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show in 2013

Jordan Berman, Acquisitions

It was in 1971, early morning sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee and perusing The Philadelphia Inquirer, that Jordan read a notification of the liquidation of assets of the then bankrupt Pennsylvania Railroad. Curious, he decided to make the time in his day to go and check it out.

It was at this seemingly innocuous but auspicious event from which a dormant passion ignited as he stood before three paintings. He knew nothing about the works, the artists or the genre. He was not a collector or in any way an aficionado. He was a family man who owned and operated an auto parts business. And, he most certainly did not know that he was destined to father a massive collection of this particular genre of art, become well known and regarded within the specialty, and indelibly and positively imprint the industry as a whole. But he did know what he liked, and this type of art, whatever it was, peaked his interest and evoked a feeling of happiness, and that was good enough. Thrilled with his treasures he brought them home.

Seventeen years later, standing in a New York City gallery, Jordan was once again in love with three paintings. And like before, he found himself riveted by the story and the sentiment so clearly and profoundly conveyed by the images. It was then, in speaking with the gallery owner, that Jordan learned this type of art was illustration art. And this was when his collection, which was later to become the illustrated gallery, began in earnest.

From that beginning over 40 years ago, Jordan has purchased over 1100 original pieces from over 300 different illustration artists developing one of the world’s largest and significant collections of this genre.

If you are a collector considering the sale of treasured family work and feel drawn to a low key, circumspect and pleasurable passing of your artwork to its new home; give Jordan a call at 215-740-0205 or tig@illustratedgallery.com. He would be most pleased to hear from you and very excited to view your artwork!

Ingrid Bond, Marketing & Commercial Sales

Ingrid Bond

A firm believer that good things come to you when you’re enjoying life… in June 1995 Ingrid was enjoying a sunny beautiful afternoon on a Maui beach. It was in a conversation with a local about the business side of art that initiated Ingrid’s venture into that world. A year later, she had co-created and launched two of the first art businesses on the web and left Washington D.C., a 20 year corporate career, the bi-weekly paycheck, and her suits and watches behind; in exchange for the yet largely uncharted internet business world, the Santa Fe desert, and the liberating great unknown.

Over the next 16 years Ingrid became nationally known for specializing in Norman Rockwell artwork. She fell in deep appreciation for the sentiment and moments he captured so brilliantly and for the seemingly vast number of variations/mediums he produced, her favorite being his pencil work. It still amazes her to consider that it was Norman Rockwell who had the single greatest and far reaching impact on her adult life.

So she happily and exclusively represented this artist oblivious to what was missing¬†until the fateful day she met up with Jordan Berman in New York. They toured the city, viewing and discussing illustration artwork. Jordan’s dedication to all of the genre’s artists was contagious and motivated her to remove the Rockwell blinders and kick into research mode high gear.

What she discovered was an abundance of illustration art covering a wide spectrum of value. What is so attractive is that the artwork is financially accessible to anyone, much of it in the hundreds or low thousands, and it’s also actively traded – making it investment worthy. The conclusion: illustration art is not only relatable and fun; it is a top-notch financial investment with an overall ROI that outperforms traditional forms of investment!

Totally impressed with the grander view Ingrid became a passionate advocate for the genre and is now dedicated to getting the word out about this fun filled artwork and tried and tested earning vehicle.

If you are an organization or business seeking to coordinate an event or a dealer looking to expand your offerings Ingrid is available to discuss the possibilities. She can be reached at 505-470-7200 or ingrid@illustratedgallery.com

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