New Year’s Baby Hitching to War Giclée – Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker

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At The Illustrated Gallery, it is our goal to share with you our love for illustration art, at a price that’s comfortable for you. With this in mind, for a limited time, our gallery is offering Giclée Printing Services at very affordable pricing. The Illustrated Gallery’s Limited Edition Giclée’s are made of the finest quality meant to bring joy that lasts a lifetime.

If you are not familiar with a Giclée, it’s an extremely high-resolution print, produced from many colors of fade-resistant pigment ink. This results in a museum-quality, archival print made to last a lifetime. We encourage you to shop around our competitors, we are confident that you won’t find comparable quality at a better price. Our professionally trained staff ensures the color accuracy of your reproduction.

We are confident our uniquely custom Giclée program will help make any office or home stand out for an affordable price. The Illustrated Gallery promises to send you the finest quality products and provide you with outstanding customer service along the way.

We have 4 different customizable Giclée offerings, with the lowest priced option being our unframed Giclée, while also offering 3 different framing options. You will see these listed on our website as our “Basic Frame” option and two different “Elegant Frame” options.

The illustrators being offered under our Giclée Program are:

Joseph Christian Leyendecker
Jessie Willcox Smith
N.C. Wyeth
John George Brown
Ellen Pyle
Sarah S. Stillwell Weber
Alfred J. Cammarata
Leslie Thrasher
William Henry Dethlef Koerner
Clarence Coles Phillips
Eugene Iverd
Charles A. MacLellan
Francis Xavier Leyendecker
William Haskell Coffin
Guernsey Moore
Howard Pyle

To view our selection of 100+ Giclées being offered, click here. We hope you enjoy this limited-time program, and please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns you may have.