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Original Illustration Art circa 1890-1970

Maurice L. Bower

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            Maurice Lincoln Bower was born in Ohio and like most youngsters who become artists, began to draw at a very young age. His family moved to Philadelphia, and Bower went through high school there and for a year at Pennsylvania State University. Learning about the classes being taught by Pyle alumnus Walter Everett, he switched to the school of Industrial Art in Philadelphia. While still a student, he bean to be published in St. Nicholas magazine. Contracts totaling four years' work for the Hearst Syndicate followed.


            Bower had always wanted to live and work in Paris, and when offered the opportunity by the McCall Corporation to do so, he accepted at once. For five years, he spent the spring and summer in Paris and the fall and winter in Philadelphia; this wonderful life ended with the stock market crash. He continued to work for most of the major magazines and painted several Saturday Evening Post covers in the 1930s. In his early work, Bower worked in charcoal, often on toned paper with chalk highlights. Later his pictures became more realistic and literal as he switched to oils.