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By Frank Hoffman (1888 - 1958)

1925 (Estimated)
32.00" x 36.50"
Oil on Canvas

A Cream of Wheat advertisement. 

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   The father of Frank B. Hoffman raced horses in New Orleans, and young Frank spent all of his spare time working and sketching around the stables.

   Through the interest of a family friend from Chicago who admired Frank’s drawings of horses and other animals, he was given a job on the old Chicago American newspaper. There he had an opportunity to draw a great variety of subjects, from opera to prize-flights; he eventually became head of the art department. Meanwhile, he acquired a more formal art training by studying privately with J. Wellington Reynolds for five years.

   In 1916, having been rejected for military service because of an eye defect, Hoffman went West to paint and eventually was drawn to the art colony in Taos, New Mexico. His bold, broad brush-work and striking color attracted the attention of advertisers. He painted for national campaigns for many corporations, including Great Northern Railroad, General Motors, General Electric, and others. This was followed by illustrations for leading national magazines for which he specialized in Western subjects. His ranch in New Mexico was convenient for keeping live models, not only of cow ponies and thoroughbred horses, but also longhorn steers, several breeds of dogs, eagles, a bear, and burros.

   From 1940 on, Hoffman was under exclusive contract to Brown & Bigelow and painted over 150 canvases of the West which were used as calendar subjects.