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By M. Leone Bracker (American- 1885-1937)

28.00" x 36.00"
Mixed Media Charcoal and Red Wash on Paper

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Image of two men seated at a table with a waiter standing beside them.

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Murray Leone Bracker, was an illustrator an the older brother of, Joseph, who was also an illustrator with a very similar style, so it seems they had some type of understanding that Joseph would sign his name differently as “J. Henry” (Joseph Henry Bracker.) and Murray would sign his name “M. Leone Bracker.”

Murray Leon Bracker was born in 1887, so its assumed he started his illustration career at the beginning of the 20th Century. He is best known for his magazine illustrations in issues of Scribner’s, Hearst’s International, and Collier’s around 1910 – 1930. He also illustrated books for Bruno Lessing and Arthur Roche, among others.