Bette Midler, Original Poster Illustration

Richard Amsel

11 works

Talking Wires Take Over from the Pony Express

Harry Anderson

27 works

Boy with Dog

Harold Anderson

11 works

Washington's Birthday, Woman's World Magazine Cover

Victor Anderson

3 works

Goodyear Factory

B. Andreas

1 work

I Love That Nutcracker Doll

Dan Andreasen

1 work

Sophisticated Couple


1 work

The Lion and the Throne, The Atlantic Magazine Cover

James Avati

5 works

Woman Receiving Box of Chocolates at the Post Office, Liberty Magazine

F.R Babcock

1 work

 Magic: the Gathering "Doomed Necromancer" Card Illustration Original Art (

Volkan Baga

1 work

Rich and Famous in Santa Fe

David Bradley

1 work

Well Traveled

David Brega

1 work

Penrod, Sam and Roddy Bits fighting for the “Horn of Fame”

Worth Brehm

7 works

Scars Fell on Alabama

George Brehm

5 works

The Duel

Harold Brett

3 works

Who Can Spell Cream of Wheat?

Edward V. Brewer

22 works

Old Glory Rises Over Alaska

Austin Briggs

1 work

9 1/2 hole

Claire Briggs

1 work

I Married Adventure, Movie Poster

Glenn Cravath

2 works

Heavenly Transportation

Hal Crecy

6 works

Amateur Nite - Cowboy Bill's Ramblers, The Saturday Evening Post cover, Jan

Monte Crews

13 works

1929-1930 Hudson Dual Cowl Phaeton

James Deneen

1 work

The Par-lor Bear

W.W. Denslow

3 works

Detective Tales

Rafael Desoto

2 works

Crimson Crimes of the Lustful Ladies!

Howell Dodd

1 work

Protect Our Children

Stevan Dohanos

35 works

The Homecoming, Liberty Magazine Cover

Michael Dolas

1 work

Pin-up, Titter Magazine Cover

Peter Driben

9 works

No Artwork, Please check back again soon!

Otto Duecker

1 work

The Mediator

Douglas Duer

1 work

The Apache's Bloodiest Hour, True Frontier Magazine Cover

John Duillo

1 work

The Beauty and the Geese

Ruth Eastman

6 works

Calling All Girls Magazine Cover

Freeman Elliott

3 works

Hello Dolly- 1969

Charles Ellis

28 works

Field and Stream Magazine Cover

Arthur Fuller

4 works

Man on Shipdeck

Stan Galli

1 work

Guest Husband, Journal magazine interior illustration, March 1946

John Gannam

1 work

Two Men

John F. Gould

7 works

Pay Here

Joseph Gould

1 work

Paris Street Scene

Ari Gradus

1 work

Lover Boy Paperback Cover

George Gross

2 works

Girl Praying During a Church Ceremony

Leon Guipon

1 work

Girl Collecting Flowers

Archie Gunn

6 works

Pin-up Calendar Illustration


1 work

Skating Couple, Jealous Onlooker

Theo Hampe

2 works

Cotillion, Saturday Evening Post Cover

Albert Hampson

6 works


Richard Hess

1 work

Far East Adventure Stories Cover

Donald Hewitt

1 work

Young Girl Reading a Book

Adelaide Hiebel

7 works

Boy and Collie

Ben Hiebel

1 work


Hal Hurst

1 work

The Attic Room,

Lous Icart

2 works

Boys Around a Campfire, Post Cover

Eugene Iverd

2 works

Gina Lollobrigida

T.J. Kuck

1 work

The First Pledge of Allegiance

Mort Kunstler

5 works

Women on a Rainy Day, Post Cover

John Lagatta

12 works

For the Sake of Phyllis

Robert Lambdin

2 works

Biplanes In Flight

John Lavalle

2 works

Seasons Greetings

Robert Lee

1 work

Atomic Blonde- Original Poster Illustration

Ron Lesser

47 works

Nellie O Winning the Open at the Coney Island Track

C.P Meier

2 works

Storytime in the Park

P.J. Meylan

2 works

Raggedy Ann and Andy, Original Drawing and Puzzle Diptych

J. Moore

1 work

"A Sweet Job," Original illustration for the Brown & Bigelow Calendar Compa

Earl Moran

2 works

Twin Worlds, Amazing Stories, Pulp Magazine Cover

Leo Morey

2 works

Cover illustration for "The Future Mr. Dolan"

Rudy Nappi

8 works

The Brawl

Victor Nehlig

1 work

Seated Girl on Chair

Z.P Nikolaki

2 works

Bail Out

Alfred Owles

1 work

"Fiddler on the Roof"


1 work


Fried Pal

1 work

Beech-Nut Spaghetti Advertisement

Cushman Parker

3 works

Surrender to Love, Paperback Cover

Raymond Pease

2 works


Henry Peck

2 works

Dancing Couple at the Ball, Theatre Magazine Cover

Clara Peck

3 works

Collier's Weekly Cover, Automobile Number

Edward Penfield

4 works

Clicquot Club Ginger Ale Advertisement

Elmer Pirson

2 works

Nero's Temple On The Nile

Willy Pogany

8 works

Old Ghent with Xmas Tree

Andy Pott

1 work

A Woman and Horses Outside a Farmhouse

Paul Rabut

3 works

"Walking in the Park"

John Rae

1 work

In the Den

George L. Rapp

4 works

The Silver Ghost

Brian Sanders

1 work

List of Illustrations

Tony Sarg

1 work

Cub Scouts in Phone Booth

Richard Sargent

8 works

Great Save

Arthur Sarnoff

29 works

Peg-legged Captain

Amos Sewell

14 works

House and Red Forrest


1 work

Carey's Pierce

Nelson Shanks

1 work

Portrait of Peggy Hoyt in Art Nouveau Hat

Charles Sheldon

6 works

By the Fire

Everitt Shinn

10 works

Advertisement: 'Quick Change'


1 work


Roy Spreter

2 works

Stand We At Last

Benjamin Stahl

4 works

Argosy Cover

Paul C. Stahr

9 works

'You Moron', Liberty Magazine Cover

Leslie Thrasher

65 works

Battery Park with Statue of Liberty

Henry Tidmarsh

2 works

The Fantastic Armada

Rico Tomaso

2 works

Queen's Grace

Coby Whitmore

3 works

California Swimsuit Advertisement

Ren Wicks

1 work

Vienna Circus Poster

J. Wiener

1 work