Pier Scene, Great Moments in Early American Motoring

Harry Anderson

25 works

Boy with Dog

Harold Anderson

11 works

Washington's Birthday, Woman's World Magazine Cover

Victor Anderson

3 works

Goodyear Factory

B. Andreas

1 work

Horse Race

E. M. Ashe

1 work

Monroe Street Bridge, Saturday Evening Post cover, June 12, 1948

John Atherton

2 works

Miriam Haskell Jewelry Advertisement

Larry Austin

2 works

The Lion and the Throne, The Atlantic Magazine Cover

James Avati

5 works

Mother and Daughter

H.Y. Barnwill

1 work

Hell Cat

Harry Barton

1 work

The Swashbuckler


1 work

Fashion Couple

Rudolf Bauer

1 work

Waiter I Didn't Order That, I Ordered a Harper Hi-Ball

Frank Boyer

1 work

Rich and Famous in Santa Fe

David Bradley

1 work

Well Traveled

David Brega

1 work

Scars Fell on Alabama

George Brehm

5 works

Booth Tarkington's "Penrod"

Worth Brehm

2 works

The Duel

Harold Brett

3 works

Who Can Spell Cream of Wheat?

Edward V. Brewer

22 works

Confederates on the Shore. Story Illustration for Male Magazine

Gil Cohen

2 works

The Bearskin Soldier

L.B. Cole

1 work

I Married Adventure, Movie Poster

Glenn Cravath

2 works

Heavenly Transportation

Hal Crecy

6 works

Amateur Nite - Cowboy Bill's Ramblers, The Saturday Evening Post cover, Jan

Monte Crews

13 works

Cream of Wheat Ad

Arthur Crisp

1 work

1929-1930 Hudson Dual Cowl Phaeton

James Deneen

1 work

The Par-lor Bear

W.W. Denslow

3 works

Detective Tales

Rafael Desoto

2 works


Billy Devorss

1 work

Protect Our Children

Stevan Dohanos

35 works

The Homecoming, Liberty Magazine Cover

Michael Dolas

1 work

Men Playing Pool, True Magazine Cover

Albert Dorne

2 works

No Artwork, Please check back again soon!

Otto Duecker

1 work

The Mediator

Douglas Duer

1 work

The Apache's Bloodiest Hour, True Frontier Magazine Cover

John Duillo

1 work

Trial of Joan of Arc

Frank V. Dumond

2 works

Calling All Girls Magazine Cover

Freeman Elliott

3 works

Military Illustration

Charles Ellis

27 works

Beer Advertisement

Gil Elvgren

1 work

Living Dream

Pearl Frush

1 work

James Garner, TV Guide Cover

Bernie Fuchs

6 works

Family on Donkey Cart

Arthur Fuller

3 works

Guest Husband, Journal magazine interior illustration, March 1946

John Gannam

1 work

Family Outing

Charles Gehm

1 work

"Schneider the Tailor"

Susan Geissler

2 works

Seated Woman

Will Grefe

1 work

Lover Boy Paperback Cover

George Gross

2 works

Girl Praying During a Church Ceremony

Leon Guipon

1 work

Listening in the Moonlight

Norman Hall

1 work

Pin-up Calendar Illustration


1 work

Skating Couple, Jealous Onlooker

Theo Hampe

2 works

Wrong Turn

Peter Helck

7 works


Joe Hennesy

1 work

Guests for Christmas Dinner

Everett Henry

2 works


Hal Hurst

1 work

The Attic Room,

Lous Icart

2 works

Boys Around a Campfire, Post Cover

Eugene Iverd

2 works

Gina Lollobrigida

T.J. Kuck

1 work

The First Pledge of Allegiance

Mort Kunstler

5 works

Women on a Rainy Day, Post Cover

John Lagatta

12 works

For the Sake of Phyllis

Robert Lambdin

2 works

Biplanes In Flight

John Lavalle

2 works

Seasons Greetings

Robert Lee

1 work

Atomic Blonde- Original Poster Illustration

Ron Lesser

47 works

Climbing for Money

Guernsey Moore

40 works

Man on Payphone

Al Moore

1 work

Raggedy Ann and Andy, Original Drawing and Puzzle Diptych

J. Moore

1 work

"A Sweet Job," Original illustration for the Brown & Bigelow Calendar Compa

Earl Moran

2 works

Twin Worlds, Amazing Stories, Pulp Magazine Cover

Leo Morey

2 works

Nul's Quest, Paperback Cover

Dean Morrissey

2 works

Robin Hood Girl

Zoe Mozert

1 work

Portrait of a Woman

Walt Otto

2 works

Bail Out

Alfred Owles

1 work

"Fiddler on the Roof"


1 work

Surrender to Love, Paperback Cover

Raymond Pease

2 works


Henry Peck

2 works

Dancing Couple at the Ball, Theatre Magazine Cover

Clara Peck

3 works

Clicquot Club Ginger Ale Advertisement

Elmer Pirson

2 works

Nero's Temple On The Nile

Willy Pogany

8 works

Old Ghent with Xmas Tree

Andy Pott

1 work

A Woman and Horses Outside a Farmhouse

Paul Rabut

3 works

"Walking in the Park"

John Rae

1 work

The Silver Ghost

Brian Sanders

1 work

List of Illustrations

Tony Sarg

1 work

Hunting His Tux for the Party, SEP Cover

Richard Sargent

7 works

Over the Moguls

Arthur Sarnoff

28 works

Peg-legged Captain

Amos Sewell

14 works

House and Red Forrest


1 work

Carey's Pierce

Nelson Shanks

1 work

Portrait of Peggy Hoyt in Art Nouveau Hat

Charles Sheldon

6 works

Couple Sitting Among Lanterns, Cover for Vanity Fair

Everitt Shinn

9 works

Advertisement: 'Quick Change'


1 work

The Artful Bride

Coby Whitmore

2 works

California Swimsuit Advertisement

Ren Wicks

1 work

Vienna Circus Poster

J. Wiener

1 work