"The Christmas Ship in Old New York"   Lot no. 2022

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By N.C. Wyeth 1882-1945

1928 (Estimated)
53.00" x 136.00", Framed 66.00" x 149.00"
Oil on Canvas
Signed Lower Left



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Interwoven Stocking Company Advertisement

Reproduced on gift boxes, Advertisement appeared in Saturday Evening Post, December 8, 1928, pg.2

The long lost NC Wyeth painting The Christmas Ship in Old New York.Produced in 1929, ‘whereabouts unknown’ for over 60 years, this 4 foot 5 inch by 11 foot 4 inch oil visits the location of its inspiration to be appreciated once again.

Exhibitions: Brandywine River Museum, Its a Man's World: Illustration House NYC November 14- 17, 2012, Palm Beach Jewlery, Art & Antique Show February 15-19, 2013


During transportation of N.C. Wyeth’s “The Christmas Ship In Old New York” from Philadelphia, PA to Palm Beach, FL the painting was adversely affected by the rapid change in temperature and relative humidity.   The Painting’s varnish and paint layer were compromised and a whitish bloom developed on the top surface, a condition known as blooming.  Treatment involved removing the varnish layer of the entire painting consequently some areas previously restored loss paint and required inpainting to complete the restoration treatment.  Afterwards, a new final varnish coating was applied.  The painting once again portrays the grand narrative of the Christmas Ship in Old New York like only N. C. Wyeth could. 

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