"Spectators Overflow, Collier's Magazine Illustration"   Lot no. 2165

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By Henry Clarence Pitz (1895-1976)

1955 (Estimated)
10.50" x 26.00"
Pen, Ink Wash, and Sepia on Paper
Signed Lower Left



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Spectators Overflowed onto the Senate Floor as Webster (left) Answered South Carolina's Ailing John C. Calhoun (right center, in court), Collier's Weekly November 25, magazine story illustration, 1955

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Henry Clarence Pitz was an outstanding performer in several fields, including illustrating for magazines and books, teaching and lecturing, writing on art subjects, painting and exhibiting.

   His talents appeared early; while still in high school in Philadelphia, he won a scholarship to study at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, and then went on to Spring Garden Institute. Among his teachers were Walter Everett and Maurice Bower.

  Although Pitz experimented with, and worked in, almost every medium, he had a special affinity for line drawing and book illustration. He illustrated more than 160 books, as well as for a whole range of magazines from The Saturday Evening Post to St. Nicholas.

   Among his many popular art books were: Pen, Brush and Ink, The Practice of Illustration, Drawing Trees, Ink Drawing Techniques, and Illustrating Children’s Books.

   Pitz exhibited nationally and internationally, winning awards too numerous to list here. His work is represented in many public collections, including the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C., and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    Pitz served as director of the illustration course at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, and was a visiting lecturer and instructor to many schools in the area. He was also a contributing editor of American Artist magazine.