"Caricature of Duke of Windsor"   Lot no. 2326

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By George Wachsteter (1911-2004)

1936 (Estimated)
9.00" x 12.00"; 10.00" x 14.00"
Graphite on Paper (Right); Oil on Canvas (Left)
Lower Right on Canvas



GRAPHITE DRAWINGS & OIL PORTRAIT - Caricature by George Wachsteter (1911-2004) of the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, who abdicated the English throne on Dec 10,1936. Art probably was rendered at the time or shortly thereafter, and includes two graphite drawings on paper, a graphite reduction drawing (erased from black field) and oil on canvas board. 9" x 12" to 10" x 14". Toned. 

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From the dawn of TV, from 1937 to 1967, George Wachsteter (1911 - 2004) was a prominent in-demand American illustrator and caricaturist. Next to Al Hirschfeld, Wachsteter was one of the most visible American theatrical caricaturists at the time. He produced theatrical, radio, television and film related images for the 3 major radio and television networks, NBC, CBS and ABC. Wachsteter's humorous and elegant line drawings were seen displayed in almost every American living room through the syndicated TV View guide, and prominently placed in most major newspapers, including the Times, Herald Tribune, New York Journal American, and New York World-Telegram. A gradual loss of his vision ended his career prematurely in the late 1960s.