"The Big Sleep, Paperback Cover"   Lot no. 2913

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By Richard Waldrep 20th Century/21st Century

13.75" x 9.50"
Signed Lower Left



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Paperback book cover art for 'The Big Sleep' by Raymond Chandler, published by Vintage Books (#V-136), 1976

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Richard Waldrep, an illustrator and graphic artist, lives in Sparks, Maryland. He earned his BFA and MFA in Design and Illustration from the University of Georgia.

Richard began his career with Graphicsgroup Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent four years developing his talents with Graphicsgroup Inc. Richard then joined Eucalyptus Tree Studio Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland in 1976. He continued his successes, serving as a partner, with Eucalyptus Tree Studio Inc. until 1993. Richard then branched off to form his own company, Richard Waldrep Inc., which he still heads up today.Recognized for his talents, Richard received awards in Communication Arts, Graphis Annual, Graphis Poster Annual, Illustrators Annual, Print Regional Design Annual, and Outstanding American Illustrators.

Richard’s extensive abilities contributed to the success of clients including U.S. News, Parker Bros., Milton Bradley, NFL Properties, National Aquarium in Baltimore, McDonald’s, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, U.S. Army, Mobile Oil, NSA, Reytheon, Boy’s Life, and the Babe Ruth Museum. He also worked with the U.S. Postal Service, creating postal designs such as 1992 Summer Olympics (5), 1993 Country and Western series (4), 1996 Centennial Olympic Games Classic Collection (20), and 1998 1900’s Celebrate the Century series (10).

Aside from exemplifying his many artistic talents, Richard enjoys spending time with his 13 year-old daughter and traveling around the United States and Neotropics studying insects. His interests include chess, books, and of course, art.


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