"Tides of Valor, Paperback Cover "   Lot no. 3014

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By Ron Lesser

9.00" x 17.50"
Oil on Board
Signed Lower Right



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Cover of "Tides of Valor" written by Peter Albano, Popular Library Books

Book Synopsis

HITLER HAS RAVAGED EUROPE. LONDON HAS SURVIVED THE BLITZ. AND TWO YOUNG AMERICANS FOLLOW THEIR LEGACY INTO WAR. — Rodney Higgins grew up on New York's Fifth Avenue mesmerized by stories of his father's heroic death at sea and destined to experience the flash and thunder of naval battle himself. His brother, Nathan, was a brooking Marxist radical who hated war and everything Rodney stood for. Surviving Pearl Harbor, Rodney sought revenge on the Japanese in the Pacific - while Nathan, pushed into the fight at the last minute, discovered in the desert of North Africa that he had the skills of a killer. Caught in the horror and thrill of battle, both brothers now have to carve their own destinies in a world convulsed by war, meeting lovers and enemies - and striving for the valor tht is every warrior's dream

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