"The Lost Shoe, Saturday Evening Post Cover"   Lot no. 3343

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By Jack Welch (American- 1905-1985)

22.50" x 17.50", Framed 28.00" x 24.00"
Gouache on Paper
Signed Middle Right



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Original cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, September 8, 1951.


The Post described, “The mothers face is charming upside-down, but if you will also stand on your head, you will find that she wears a choleric expression. She is mad at her son, which is unreasonable, for she herself has lost his shoe. He took it off last June, and is it not a woman’s duty to take care of her men’s clothing? We know where the shoe is: it is either in the Apache hide-out under the forsythia bush, in the cowpoke’s corral in the vacant lot down the street, or Fido is preserving it in his kennel as an objet d’art. Junior will go to school in sneakers, and nobody will care except his mother, who doesn’t go to school. Next week she very likely will think all this is funny, and what the moral of Jack Welch’s theme is, we don't know.” 


(The Saturday Evening Post, September 8, 1951, p. 3)

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Jack Welch was a tall Texan from Cleburne. He went through public school in Temple, Texas, took the W. L. Evans correspondence course in cartooning, and did a short turn at Southern Methodist University illustrating yearbooks. This was enough to launch him as a newspaper artist; he worked for papers in Texas, California, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.

   The next logical step was an advertising agency sketch man; he spent several years doing sketches and comprehensive drawings for advertising layouts. His sense of humor and feeling for freely rendered action made him a natural for drawing children, and he began to do the “finishes” for advertisers such as Keds, Jell-O, Pullman, and Traveler’s Insurance.

   These illustrations, in turn, brought his work to the attention of The Saturday Evening Post for which he created a number of memorable covers, then other magazines, including Family Circle and Woman’s Day.

    His work brought Welch several awards in annual shows at the New York Art Directors Club and for billboard advertising art.