"Young Woman with Kodak Camera"   Lot no. 3482

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By W. Smithson Broadhead (1888-1960)

1912 (Estimated)
31.5" x 20.75"
Oil on Canvas
Signed Lower Right



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Illustration of a carefree young woman in striped pinafore, photographing the outdoors with her Kodak Premo camera, circa 1912.

In 1893, at the Chicago World's Fair, George Eastman introduced the "Kodak Girl" as the icon of the new Kodak camera's ad campaign. Often illustrated in a blue and white striped ensemble in British ads (the American outfits being more varied), the Kodak Girl served to promote the early cameras as accessible, portable, and easy to use for amateur photographers. Images like this one represent a cultural shift from a more exclusive era of studio photography to the mass-marketing of cameras to the broader population. The red bellows, as seen here, were discontinued and switched to black after August of 1912.

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