"Cream of Wheat Advertisement, 1908"   Lot no. 3655

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By Stanley Massey Arthurs (American- 1877-1950)

24" x 20"
Oil on Canvas



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This Cream of Wheat Ad was illustrated in 1908, but appeared on the back inside page of Everybody’s Magazine in January 1909.

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Stanley Massey Arthurs was a student of Howard Pyle and one who was very close to him personally. Arthurs devoted his career to depicting America historical subjects, painting a series of events from earliest Colonial times through the Civil War era.


After Pyle's death, Arthurs occupied his studio and set for himself the same high standards Pyle had taught. Every detail of his pictures was painstakingly researched, and he immersed himself as thoroughly as possible in the mood and character of his picture subjects.


Arthurs' use of color was rich and caries and he produced a valuable contribution to the American historical record. Many of his pictures were reproduced in James Truslow Adams' History of the United States, in the 15-volume Pageant of America edited by Ralph H. Gabriel, and in The American Historical Scene published in 1955.


Arthurs also painted a number of murals, including the Landing of DeVries at Delaware College and The Crusaders at the State Capitol in Dover, Delaware.