"The Organ Grinder, Collier's Magazine, April 25th, 1905"   Lot no. 3688

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By Francis Xavier Leyendecker (American, 1877-1924)

1905 (Estimated)
22.00" x 24.00"
Oil on Board
Signed Upper Right



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Illustration for "Da Strit Pianna" by Wallace Irwin, Collier's Magazine April 25th, 1905

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            Born in Germany, Francis Xavier Leyendecker was very competent, but was always overshadowed by his older brother. Francis's work was more sensitive, and highly detailed, but it never matched the assurance and dramatic poster quality of Joseph's. Francis also painted covers for leading publications such as The Saturday Evening Post, Vogue, and notably, Collier's. He later designed stained-glass windows.

            The two brothers never married. They worked together in a large studio estate in New Rochelle. The fascinating story of their personal lives is related in Norman Rockwell's book My Adventures of an Illustrator.