"At the Western Wall"   Lot no. 3830

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By David Finkelgreen (1888-1931)

Oil Painting
Signed Lower Left



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David Finkelgreen, an artist, established a reputation painting artificial eyes for soldiers blinded during World War I. He studied at the Graphic Sketch Club and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and exhibited many paintings at both institutions. He first studied the coloring of iris when he was engaged by Wilson Potter, big-game hunter, to duplicate the true eye coloring of specimens the sportsman desired to mount. Mr. Finkelgreen spent four years perfecting his skill in painting eyes.

Shortly after World War I began he went abroad. When his skills became known to French surgeons engaged in rehabilitating the blind, his aid was sought and he evolved a method of mounting plain glass in the eye openings. Susbsequently, he painted thousands of plain-glass eyes for blinded soldiers. Mr Finkelgreen opened up a studio after the war. He passed away August 9th, 1931.


August 11, 1931 issue of New York Times.