"Christmas Manger Set - A Product Illustration"   Lot no. 4061

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By George Hinke (1883-1953)

1945 (Estimated)
15.00" x 30.00"
Oil on Illustration Board



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This piece was produced as the cover art for the box containing a die-cut color lithograph manger set produced by Wells Badger Corporations, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Accompanied by aforementioned Christmas manger set in the original box. The artwork illustrating the die-cut manger set was also illustrated by Hinke as indicated by his name which appears on one of the die-cut illustrations from the manger set (see illustration).


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George Hinke (1883-1953) was a German-born painter who came to the United States in 1923. After working in a printing shop, he eventually opened his own studio.

From 1944 until his death in 1953, he was commissioned by Ideals Magazine to create works for publication depicting American small-town life, religious scenes and Christmas themes in his classic, nostalgic style.