"Painting Her Toenails, American Weekly Magazine Cover"   Lot no. 4178

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By Stanley Ekman (1913 - 1998)

16.50" x 13.50"
Gouache on Board
Signed Lower Left



Painting Her Toenails, American Weekly Magazine Cover, January 11, 1953

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Born in Chicago, Stanley Ekman studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he exhibited in 1944. He began his career, at age twenty-four by designing the American Airlines logo--the double A's and the eagle. His illustrations ran in "The Saturday Evening Post." He was a long-time resident of Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Of this artist, Bob DeWitt of Galesburg, Illinois wrote to AskART.com: "Hello, I just bought a Stan Ekman original & have uncovered some information that you may wish to include in you biography. Mr. Ekman actually had two Saturday Evening Post covers to his credit. The Jan. 6, 1945 was a rear view of a man bowling. You have that painting on your site as one that sold at auction. The only other Post cover that he did was for May 20, 1944, and had a small child with a tooth ache watching the other kids play outside through his bedroom window.
My source is "Covers of the Saturday Evening Post" by Jan Cohn. I have also attached the image of the original oil on panel that I purchased. It was done in the early 1980's and is titled," Shepherd of Monument Valley. " It was originally purchased by the late Lorraine Mullberger of the Miller brewing family of Scottsdale Arizona."