"Little House on the Prairie, TV Guide cover "   Lot no. 4228

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By Stanley R Hunter (1939 - 2000)

32.50" x 21.50"
Oil on Canvas
Signed Middle Right



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TV Guide cover for May 13, 1978: "Little House on the Prairie"

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Stan Hunter was a fine-art artist and illustrator for over forty years.  In his long career, he won New York Illustrator Show awards and was featured in the retrospective book on the best illustrators of the twentieth century, The Illustrator in America, A Century of Illustration by Walt and Roger Reed published by Madison Square Press for the Society of Illustrators.

Stan Hunter was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1939.  He studied at the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts where he was greatly influenced by the teacher, Nicholas Buhalis.  Stan Hunter worked first in Detroit art studios but always with an agent in New York City.  In 1973, he moved with his wife, the illustrator Chris Duke, to Millbrook, New York, to be closer to their New York City  market.  Though he loved the work of fellow illustrators, Stan Hunter believed that a painter should only study the masters;  the Metropolitan Museum was his favorite haunt.  He worked in oil on canvas or prepared paper.

In his years as an illustrator, represented by Frank and Jeff Lavaty, Stan Hunter illustrated the works of many eminent writers for the Franklin Library, including Anton Chekov, George Bernard Shaw, Ernest Hemingway and Walt Whitman.  He illustrated many books for the Reader's Digest condensed books series.  In the 1970s, he was a featured repertoire artist for Newsweek magazine, covering the Watergate trial.  He did much work for TV Guide including the cover painting of Little House on the Prairie.  Stan Hunter always had a special love of jobs for the pharmaceutical companies and did a memorable series on the drug Haldol.  He occasionally illustrated annual reports.  In the 1980s, Stan Hunter entered the field of architectural painting, depicting interior spaces for buildings such as Lincoln Center and the Riverside Trump Building.

During the 1990s, Stan Hunter became interested in drawing and painting the Millbrook Hunt. After in-depth study of the structure and character of horses and hounds, he did many drawings and paintings of this subject.  In this work, Stan Hunter was represented by Chatellier Fine Arts in Millbrook.

Stan Hunter lived in Millbrook, NY from 1973 to the year 2000 when he died.