"Soldier's Pride, House of Kuppenheimer advertisement"   Lot no. 4284

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By Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951)

40.00" x 24.00"
Oil on Canvas



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Soldier's Pride was created as a component of Kuppenheimer's six-piece easel-backed World War I advertisement placards for in-store display. These pieces were expertly printed on a coated cardboard substrate so the black background would dramatically display the clothing item. Kuppenheimer & Hart Schaffner Marx were the two major manufacturers of military apparel during WWI & WWII. These images were very rarely used for advertising in America's mainstream periodicals - and the several known magazine appearances were always in trade journals or brochures specifically promoting military clothing.

The cardboard easel-backed placards measured approximately nineteen inches high and they appeared both in store windows and as point-of-purchase promotions near the cash registers. They all had the Kuppenheimer "K" in the upper left corner. Sometimes the units were produced with Kuppenheimer lettering below the image.

When America entered WWI in April 1917, Kuppenheimer was already manufacturing massive numbers of officer uniforms and apparel for enlisted personnel. This particular advertising campaign commenced in late 1916, and continued heavily until the end of 1917. Many Kuppenheimer stores displayed these patriotic advertising pieces through 1918. These Leyendecker showcards are coveted among collectors of US Military ephemera.

We would like to thank Bud Moon for his historical research on the usage of the present work.

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