"Lady Lunch"   Lot no. 607

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By Walter Seaton (1895 - 1957)

32.00" x 32.00"
Oil on Canvas



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Born 1895 San Francisco, CA. Died 1957 Woodstock, N.Y. 

Walter Seaton was a well-known illustrator for Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan and other magazines.  He was also a War-Bond Artist and a book illustrator, especially of children's books including the Junior Deluxe Editions, Nelson Doubleday, Garden City, New York. eg: Dickens' Christmas Stories; Bafnold's National Velvet; East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon; Black Beauty.  In 1915 he was awarded the prestigious Jules LeFebvre Paris Prize by the San Francisco Institute of Art. 

Seaton was primarily a landscape painter and portraitist, working in watercolor and oil. His landscapes were predominately of rural scenes from the region surrounding his home in Woodstock, New York. He also painted the sea-coast off Maine. 

He was a member of the artists colony in Woodstock, New York, and lived there with his wife and two children from the 1920's until his death in 1957.




The following, submitted June 2004, is from Elizabeth Seaton, grand-daughter of Walter Wallace Seaton.