"Striding Drum Major, Magazine Cover"   Lot no. 658

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By Edgar Franklin Wittmack (American- 1894-1956)

27.00" x 21.50"
Oil on Canvas
Signed and Dated Lower Right



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Cover of American Boy Weekly Magazine, 1927


Edgar Franklin Wittmack was one of the top magazine cover illustrators during the 1920's-1940's, whose resume would include twenty-two Saturday Evening Post covers during that time period. Additionally, he would be a longstanding cover contributor to bothThe Popular Science Monthly and Nation's Business, as well as the trade publications Motor Magazine and Cities Service. Wittmack's versatility (he was adept at many disparate subjects) also enabled him to enjoy a very successful career in advertising art as well. 


 Painting used as the cover illustration for the October 1927 issue of American Boy. The colorful image features a drum major proudly marching on the football field following a game, with the victorious team and jubilant crowd pictured in the background. Wittmack obviously liked this particular image and, as any good artist or writer would do, he kept it in the back of his mind, recalling it some seven years later when he was commissioned to do a similar work for the Saturday Evening Post

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Edgar Franklin Wittmack specialized in painting magazine covers. He had a strong poster style that was well adapted to the eye-arresting requirements of cover art.

   For many years, he regularly painted the covers for The Popular Science Monthly, picturing the latest in technological advances, often working from blue prints of conceptual models. e did another long series of covers for Nation’s Business as well as Motor Magazine and Cities Service trade publications. Between these assignments, he periodically painted topical covers for The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s and other national magazines.

   Wittmack was a versatile advertising artist as well, adept at subjects as disparate as hardware and wildlife.