Over the last few months, The Illustrated Gallery has been working to enhance our research department and the content that we bring to our fellow collectors. During this time, we have come across a plethora of never seen before information and we are extremely excited to share it with you.

We have access to the newest art and image softwares allowing us to do a deep dive into the history of illustrated art. Using these resources, our team has been working to expand what we know in the illustrated art world, as even we are still learning new information every day.

Our journey for new information is just starting, and while we have already found a lot of great information, this process for us is never-ending and something we will always work to get better at. For this reason, we created a “Newly Researched” section of our website to keep you up to date on what new information we find. We also encourage you to sign up for the Illustrated Gallery Newsletter, which will include newly acquired and newly researched paintings.

This is just the start of the exciting things The Illustrated Gallery has planned for this fall. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and continue to check out our website to stay up to date on everything we have planned. Stay safe.