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Original Illustration Art circa 1890-1970

Approximate Date: 1960

Medium: Gouache on Board

Signature: Signed Lower Left

Size: 23" x 18"

Lot No. 3258

Distracted Golfer, Saturday Evening Post Cover By Constantin Alajalov (American- 1900-1987)

Saturday Evening Post cover July 2,1960

"Golfe" was outlawed during its infancy in Scotland becuase too many archers, on whom the defense of the land rested, were golfing when they should have been on the archery range. Today it's possible to play golf and shoot arrows (or daggers, at least) simultaneously; witness the baleful glare of the sourpuss on our cover. Artist Constantin Alajalov, who shoots in the high 80's, sympathizes with sourpusses whose games are sabotaged by Sunbonnet Sam and his ink. Sam is the so-and-so in the foreground who is loudly striking up an acquaintance while jittery golfer asks himself, isn't that the chowderhead whose noisy, blankety-blank camera shutter cost me a stroke on the last green? Which helps explain why certain golfers appear to have a stroke every time they drop a stroke.

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