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Buying and Selling Artwork


The Illustrated Gallery’s current acquisition program is focused on original covers for The Saturday Evening Post, as well as original artwork by top-tier illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, J.C. Leyendecker, Mayfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, and Jessie Wilcox Smith. While we always welcome submissions for review, works falling outside these parameters are less likely to be considered at this time. Please use the contact form on this page to reach out to us.  We will be in touch if your submitted artwork is of interest. 

The Illustrated Gallery only handles original illustrations and we do not buy or sell prints or reproductions. All of our artwork is guaranteed to be authentic and in fine to mint condition. Contact Jordan Berman directly for more detailed information: (215) 740-0205 or

About the Illustrated Gallery

The illustrated gallery did not start from the desire to create a commercial venture. Instead, it developed organically as a natural outgrowth of one man’s love and devotion to the art, and a private collection that, quite simply, got out of hand.

When all of the residence walls were completely covered to the ceiling, with paintings in rows vertically as well as horizontal, it was evident something had to be done. There just was no more room for newly acquired works and yet, the joy collecting this art brought the collector was not to be denied. The time had come to seriously review the situation and determine a new route for the passion to continue to express itself.

It made sense that the best way to continue to satisfy this desire and evoke even more joy was to spread the happiness around by transforming this now 300+ private collection into a public offering thereby sharing it with a larger audience. It is from that motivation and intent that the illustrated gallery was created May 1998.

Things moved along when the passionate collector, Jordan Berman, turned to his granddaughter Holly and asked her to become his partner in this venture. Together they opened a downtown Philadelphia gallery in addition to a Fort Washington location.



Recently joining the team in 2023, Laura grew up in the Brandywine Valley area of Pennsylvania, where she developed an appreciation for the region’s history and art from an early age. Laura is now based in New York City where she has spent her career working in various aspects of the art world. Formerly an Illustration Art Specialist and Cataloguer for Swann Auction Galleries, Laura has also worked as a Research Associate for Hawthorne Fine Art, where she researched the late 19th- and early 20th-century American paintings in the collection with a special focus on historic women artists. Most recently, Laura was a Specialist for Artsy and 1stDibs, two of the leading online marketplaces for fine art. While earning her graduate degree in art history from Columbia University, Laura held curatorial internships at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Laura is committed to fostering a scholarly approach to the field of illustration art and sharing her passion with both established and emerging collectors alike. If you’re interested in growing your existing collection or looking for guidance on how to start a collection you will treasure for years to come, Laura would be happy to assist.   

For questions about the collection or to make a purchase inquiry, please contact Laura at or 267-405-3639.



Holly Berman’s love for art started at an early age and led her to earn a degree in Art History from Hunter College in New York, where she worked at various high profile art galleries around the city. Her appreciation allowed her to recognize the significance of her grandfather’s museum-quality collection adorning the walls of his home outside of Philadelphia. 

In 2011, she became more involved, partnering with Jordan to grow the business. Together they opened a second location with a showroom in downtown Philadelphia, which they operated for 2 years before once again centralizing the business in Fort Washington, PA. 

After working with Jordan for more than a decade, Holly has an intimate knowledge of the The Illustrated Gallery’s artists and offerings. She manages and supports all aspects of the gallery, acting as registrar to maintain accurate database records and cataloging, coordinating client viewing appointments and photography, and supporting Laura and Jordan with sales and acquisitions efforts, collection research, and special projects. 

If you are a private collector with questions about the collection, Holly can be reached at or 267-992-7166.



Jordan first discovered his passion for illustration art in 1971, when he read a newspaper article announcing the liquidation of assets of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Intrigued, he attended the sale and became enamored with three paintings. As a family man who owned and operated an auto parts business, Jordan was not yet a collector and was by no means an art aficionado, but he immediately responded to the sense of joy that these paintings evoked and he brought them home.

Seventeen years later, standing in a New York City gallery, Jordan once again fell in love with three paintings. Like before, he was riveted by the narrative sentiment conveyed and learned from the gallery owner that this genre of artwork is called illustration. This knowledge opened up a world of possibilities and Jordan’s collection, which would later become The Illustrated Gallery, began in earnest.

From that beginning more than 40 years ago, Jordan is now one of the leading illustration art experts in the field and has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of museum-quality original narrative art, which encompasses more than 2,500 works from over 400 artists. Collecting continues to be a lifelong passion for Jordan as he focuses on the gallery’s acquisitions program. 

If you are a collector with an original illustration to sell, please contact Jordan at or 215-740-0205



Michael joined the team in 2020 after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business Leadership & Management from American University. After leaving Washington D.C., he returned home to Philadelphia to work with his grandfather Jordan and cousin Holly to help run the day-to-day operations of The Illustrated Gallery.

Surrounded by illustration art in his grandfather’s home, Michael developed an appreciation for the genre that began in early childhood and continues to grow as he builds his career in the fine art industry. Michael keeps the gallery running smoothly by assisting with the physical management of artworks in the gallery and storage facility, and ensures the proper packing, storage, care, and maintenance of the gallery’s growing collection.