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The Audience of One – By Norman Rockwell

The Illustrated Gallery recently had the privilege to reunite these two companion works illustrated by Norman Rockwell, which were separated through individual sales many moons ago. For a long time, we think for far too long, companion pieces being sold separately was very common. For those that would like further pricing info, it will be provided on this newsletter, as well as HERE on our News & Articles Page.

*We refer to the Norman Rockwell Santa illustration as LOT #4294, and the illustration located on the right, also a part of The Audience of One, will be referred to as LOT #4314*

Further pricing info is that LOT #4314 sold at Christy’s Auction house 22 years ago for $645,000. These two Rockwell’s have recently been on the auction block: “An Audience of One, Santa” (LOT #4294) – Hammered at auction for $160k.

LOT #4314 – Estimated to sell 2.5 Million (3.125 with buyers commission) to 3.5 Million (4.375 with buyers commission), buyers commission adds 25% to the final purchase price. Fortunately, we now own both pieces. Some interesting facts about Norman Rockwell’s An Audience of One, Santa (LOT #4294) illustration, listed as oil on board, however, it was actually oil on canvas nailed down on board. The piece has been meticulously restored and is now canvas on stretchers, and finally placed in a museum-like frame that this wonderful Rockwell deserves.

As for LOT #4314, it required extensive cleaning, de-varnishing, as well as the final touches of a museum-like frame. We have a copy of the 1978 Ladies Home Companion Magazine that goes with this Rockwell illustration. These two pieces are now accompanied by the 1978 magazine, and most importantly a signed and hand written letter by Norman Rockwell himself. The two illustrations, signed hand written letter, and a copy of the 1978 Ladies Home Companion Magazine are now being opened at $2.4 Million, which is less than the LOT #4314 painting was offered in auction.




2022 Update:

LOT #4314 has been SOLD.

LOT #4294 is still available for purchase.