Music of Christmas

Tony Sarg

2 works

Lookout Point, Saturday Evening Post Cover

Richard Sargent

11 works

Up at Bat

Arthur Sarnoff

34 works

Dog Fight

Norman Saunders

5 works

Illustration of Will Rogers

James Seward

1 work

The Hunter

Amos Sewell

22 works

House and Red Forest


1 work

Circus Family

Ben Stahl

2 works

Goya's Galore

Benjamin Stahl

5 works

Courting Courtiers, The Elks Magazine Cover, June 1925

Paul C. Stahr

11 works

Circus Clown with Dogs, Cover for Country Gentleman, April 1929

Ray Strang

1 work

Attack on Fort Dearborn

Paul Strayer

1 work

Woman Voting, Magazine Story Illustration

Frank Street

1 work