The Silver Ghost

Brian Sanders

1 work

List of Illustrations

Tony Sarg

1 work

Boy Blowing his Trumpet at a Birthday Dinner

Richard Sargent

9 works

A Church Picnic

Arthur Sarnoff

31 works

Illustration of Will Rogers

James Seward

1 work

Christmas Greetings, SEP Cover, December 11, 1954

Amos Sewell

19 works

House and Red Forrest


1 work

Clint Eastwood in 'The Outlaw Josey Wales'

Lewis Sher

1 work

By the Fire

Everitt Shinn

10 works

Advertisement: 'Quick Change'


1 work

Girl in Pink Robe Sitting on a Bed

Roy Spreter

3 works

Goya's Galore

Benjamin Stahl

5 works

Filling Station

Paul C. Stahr

10 works

The Lord's Prayer

Arthur Szyk

1 work