Woman Receiving Box of Chocolates at the Post Office, Liberty Magazine

F.R Babcock

1 work

 Magic: the Gathering "Doomed Necromancer" Card Illustration Original Art (

Volkan Baga

1 work

Signs of Friendship, The Indian


1 work

The Devil in Bucks County, Paperback Cover

James Bama

2 works

Penrod, Sam and Roddy Bits fighting for the “Horn of Fame”

Worth Brehm

6 works

"Scars Fell on Alabama", Saturday Evening Post, May 15, 1937

George Brehm

5 works

The Duel

Harold Brett

3 works

Santa Claus, Likely Advertisement for Coolerator Refrigerators

Edward V. Brewer

23 works

Dodgers- Story Illustration

Jim Butcher

8 works